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Mosley Street Planning


the client

Similan Group Ltd, Macau, Hong Kong

the project

Conversion of ground floor retail units to create restaurant and bar with rooftop terrace.

the value

Circa £800,000

the story

A Chinese business consortium based in Hong Kong approached UDC following a glowing referral from a previous client with a view to producing a scheme for conversion of the ground floor to the office building they currently owned.

UDC designed a scheme which converted the existing tailors to provide an impressive high-end restaurant and bar with theatre kitchen and an open air roof-top terrace for al fresco dining when Manchester’s weather allows.

The scheme was developed by UDC and an impressive looking proposal was produced which was viewed favourably by Manchester Planning Department. Accordingly the project was formally submitted for Planning Permission. Unfortunately the building was sold by the consortium during the Planning process and the scheme never got beyond the Planning Application stage.


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