Following Health & Safety Regulations saves lives

07 Jun 2019

A three-year-old girl has suffered severe head injuries when a length of timber fell on her while it was being hoisted up the outside of a scaffold.

Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard how on 6th July 2018; the girl was being pushed in a buggy by her mother along Preston Street in Brighton. As they passed scaffolding, erected on the pavement for refurbishment work to a flat above, a length of timber fell from approximately 10 metres and hit the girl on the head.

The child suffered life-changing injuries and, while she has made significant progress, it is not yet known whether she will make a full recovery.

‘’This only highlights how critical it is to follow regulations when working on a construction site, the injuries could have been much, much worse.’’ Using our in-house expertise, UDC can assist you to help ensure that your project runs on time, to budget and most importantly safely.

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