UDC Launch Brand New Mobile-Ready Website

12 May 2016

UDC are pleased to announce the launch of our new responsive mobile-ready website.

Our new website adapts to desktop, tablet and mobile viewports, intelligently restructuring it’s layouts to present an optimum user interface, whatever the device being used to view it.

Designed and developed in close collaboration with UDC by Cheshire-based design and digital agency Dzinr, the site’s all new content revolves around two custom infographics that map the difference between traditional construction management projects and UDC’s client-centric and holistic approach (infographics also developed by Dzinr).

In addition to this service focused content, the site features case studies, testimonials, team and contact information as well as a latest news section, keeping a value-adding eye on recent industry developments.

Last but by no means least, the new website spearheads UDC’s corporate rebrand; another recent creative contribution to UDC’s continued development from our partner agency Dzinr. Our new brand device features a CAD crosshair cursor to reflect one of the key tools of our trade, inside simple yet strong letterforms that keep our signature corporate green.

Stuart Gerrard, Creative Director at Dzinr commented: “The communication of UDC’s comprehensive and multi-layered value proposition to project owners and construction professionals, was a challenging brief; especially when considering the presentation of the website’s contents through smaller mobile viewports. The team at Dzinr had to not only create two custom infographics to tell their story succinctly but also reflect these visuals to build an intuitive custom navigation system for the website. We think the resulting digital presentation of UDC’s holistic approach to supporting their construction clients works well on all form factors and will aid the company in winning more new business from their desired audiences.”