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  • How We Work As Architectural Designers
  • How We Work As Quantity Surveyors
  • How We Work As Project Managers
  • How We Work As Principal Designers
  • How We Work As Structural Engineers
  • How We Work As Mechanical & Electrical
  • How We Work With Contractors
  • How We Work As Utility Managers
  • How We Work As Statutory Compliance
  • The Client Brief
  • Presentation of Proposals
  • Develop Proposals
  • Technical Design & Specification
  • Contractor Appraisal & Selection
  • Project Preparation
  • Construction Management
  • Defects / Warranty Period
  • Servicing / Maintenance

How We Work As Project Managers

UDC will take on full responsibility for Project Management of not only the project but the process and if necessary beyond project completion. For typical projects this may include:-
  • Assembly of the Project Team – the majority of whom will be UDC staff
  • Production of a clear project plan with milestones and measurables
  • Creation of an information sharing platform appropriate to the project
  • Engagement with client stakeholders
  • Participation in engagement meetings & presentations
  • Management of stakeholder experience inclusive of a pro-active approach to ‘in-project’ feedback
  • Chairing of all meetings relevant to the project and production of minutes
  • Close monitoring of project progress & regular reporting
  • Contract Administration





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