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  • How We Work As Architectural Designers
  • How We Work As Quantity Surveyors
  • How We Work As Project Managers
  • How We Work As Principal Designers
  • How We Work As Structural Engineers
  • How We Work As Mechanical & Electrical
  • How We Work With Contractors
  • How We Work As Utility Managers
  • How We Work As Statutory Compliance
  • The Client Brief
  • Presentation of Proposals
  • Develop Proposals
  • Technical Design & Specification
  • Contractor Appraisal & Selection
  • Project Preparation
  • Construction Management
  • Defects / Warranty Period
  • Servicing / Maintenance

How We Work As Statutory Compliance

A project is not complete, or able to be occupied until Statutory Consents are in place and all associated conditions have been fulfilled or discharged. UDC will:-
  • Advise from inception on any likely problems related to site selection or initial concept design in relation to obtaining statutory consents.
  • Inform the project team of the applications which need to be made and when. Ensuring applications are made in a timely manner is critical to the smooth running of a project.
  • Prepare applications, inclusive of gathering all necessary / supporting information and preparing required submission documents.
  • Coordination with undertakers such as Planners, Building Control and Conservation Officers to ensure the smooth passage to approval including dealing with queries.
  • Evaluation of approvals and advice on the discharge or compliance with conditions.
  • Coordination between authorities and construction partner(s) to ensure inspections are made and certification is in place.





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