Defects / Warranty Period

The Contractor will take the project up to what is called handover stage. At this point the development is practically complete and allows the client to arrange for fitting out specialists to attend or moving straight in. The Contract Administrator will then certify the payment that is due to the Contractor and chase up any operation and maintenance information that is required.

The Contractor will then submit his final account for the project which the Quantity Surveyor and design team need to check through to ensure its accuracy.

Following practical completion the warranty period start either 6 or 12 months. During this time any problems with the development are reported to the contactor for rectification.

Please see Our Approach as UDC ensure that these processes are all managed by ourselves to ensure a smooth transaction between parties, UDC ensure the final account is fair and agreed prior to practical completion. Following handover all defects are reported to and managed by UDC allowing control and recording of rectification works.





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